Welcome to the Caloosa Park Softball Club! Caloosa is an ALL GIRLS softball league where GIRLS ARE #1. We take great pride in offering a softball program that is geared towards learning the proper fundamentals. We are looking for athletic girls who want to play softball the right way and play LOTS of it!

Softball is fun and your daughter should be excited about showing up and playing! Caloosa Park is 100% pro girls softball and we try to place each girl in the division that best fits her talents and abilities to help her progress throughout the season.

DID YOU KNOW??? Caloosa Park Softball has helped 100+ girls earn athletic scholarships over the past 2 decades! We are very proud of the fact that we helped these girls progress throughout their careers and that they were fortunate enough to receive athletic scholarships. When you add it all up, these scholarships add up to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in financial aid. Could YOUR daughter be next?

If you know of anyone that is interested in Sponsoring, Coaching, or Umpiring, please let us know. We’re always on the lookout to better our club!